5 iPhone photographs
pigment prints on Epson Fine Art, Hot Press Natural
15 x 15cm
edition of 5 
Artist Statement
Monumental documents the first day I returned to the land after the destruction from the Gospers Mountain Fire adjacent to my home. The land’s suffering was before me. The burned, charred remains of trees had become monuments to what had passed; shaped and formed by the destructive force of a firestorm.
I felt this suffering reflected inside myself and began to notice my shadow, elongated and flat as the sun began to sink. I posed my shadow with the monuments and photographed them with my phone; lying down beside them I took their pictures. I tore my jeans and got grey earth in my mouth and eyes as I pondered unspoken questions that will never be answered.
2021 Nine Photographers gaffa gallery, Sydney CBD  

Monumental self-portrait 2

Monumental 1

Monumental 3

Monumental 2

Monumental self-portrait 1