hand printed gelatin silver print on Ilford Art 300 
50 x 50cm
edition of 3 + 2 AP

Prosthetic Victory

Artist Statement
Prosthetic Victory is a contemporary earth Goddess born of the environmental destruction caused by mineral extraction within the Great Dividing Range of the NSW Central West. Striding across Country bearing scars and prostheses, Victory personifies the steady fury and persistence needed for the triumph and victory over those that rape the land. The pursuit by humankind for riches that are quarried and hollowed from the earth in a harmful extraction process, inflicts a suffering on their own and all other species, thus denying all life forms the basic rights for clean and safe air, water and food. 
Within the remnant forests Victory’s wounds and injuries are healed and braced with broken eucalyptus limbs. This photograph, an in-camera double exposure on film, has captured Prosthetic Victory as a monument. With all of the power of nature that she carries within her, she now continues her eternal journey to support, heal, encourage and empower the human communities affected by the present and future mining of the so-called critical minerals.
2023 There Is No Lead Mine Here, curated by Gus Armstrong, WAYOUT Artspace, Kandos NSW